Summer is the best time to get a nice tan that may last you months if you take care of it, and coming from such a small island in the Caribbean where tanning is almost mandatory, I’m sharing my secret to achieving and maintaining a perfect tan.


  1. Be sure to scrub the night before or the morning of sun exposure to enjoy a nice even tan and eliminate the risk of dry patches
  2. Put on a nice coat of sunblock SPF 50+ on body and face
  3. Wait for it to dry
  4. Put on your favorite tanning oil SPF 15 or less on your body but not the face
  5. Reapply both as needed, at least every three hours if in direct sunlight, and after swimming
  6. Apply body lotion every time after showering but do not scrub skin for at least a week


This method protects your skin while allowing it to tan and minimizing the risk of sunburn if sunblock is applied frequently. To make your tan last longer after you come back from vacation, it’s best to tan every other day or every two days instead of daily during your vacation to give your skin some time to heal and not peel.


*Long exposure to the sun may cause cancer. Ask your physician for the ideal amount of time you should be out in the sun on your vacation.

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