Sephora’s Favorite Nudes Fall Lip Kit


Sephora’s Favorites Fall Nude Lip Set


Let me start by saying I love sets and kits! I think it’s a great way to test out a product without committing so much to buying a full priced product and since I NEVER actually use a makeup product enough to finish it, (except for my foundation, concealer, and mascara), then I was excited when I saw this kit of 6 trendy lipsticks at a discounted price of $28 from the suggested retail value of $70.


And since it’s very hard to find a good nude that matches my skin tone then I jumped at the chance to try them as soon as I got ‘em!


Ciate Liquid Velvet


The packaging is lovely, sturdy and you can re-use it to keep other small items if you want to keep it. The lipsticks themselves are mini editions of course, but that’s ok with me since I like to have tiny editions of everything while traveling, and they also threw in a full-size one which was nice.



 1. Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick – This was a bit hard to put on, I was afraid to break it since it was a bit dry and its matte finish doesn’t help it much. It left my lips feeling dry but the color was a very nice darker nude shade which I might be using soon. Score: 6/10


Bite lipstick brioche
Kat Von D Everlasting

 2. Ciate London Liquid Velvet in Bitter Sweet – This is the full size one, but the color isn’t my favorite. It’s a more brownish nude tone, a bit darker than expected but it’s good to have some range. It was a little sticky to apply but dried quickly. Score: 6/10


3. Kat Von D Everlasting Matte in Ludwig – I already have an Everlasting lip kit as they are unbelievably long lasting and the colors are rich and the texture feels silky soft, for a matte formula. The color is a nice pinkish shade of nude. Score: 8/10


4. Make Up Forever Artist Rouge Crème – This was a nice one if only the color was less magenta. The texture felt smooth and creamy, had a nice pigmentation and left my lips feeling soft. Score: 7/10

Make Up Forever

5. Tarte Rum Punch Lipstick – This was a lovely shade of nude hinting peach, soft and creamy texture, leaving some shine, the only problem as it was a ‘barely there’ color and a little patchy. Score: 6.5/10



6. Buxom Dolly Lip Creme – this smells heavenly sweet, the texture is lovely and tingles a bit which gives an extra plumpness to lips. The color is a little more peachy tone than nude but it may also be the natural flushing color of my lips as they’re stimulated by the tingling sensation. I didn’t wait for enough for it to settle, needed to move on, but will definitely throw it in my purse! Score: 8/10







There you have it! What do you think of these colors?

Which ones match me best? Which ones should I toss aside?

Let me know in the comments below!


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