Going on an awesome trip is a dream come true, but there is a reason it has always been one main #goal in most people’s lives because it is hard work to plan, but it pays off!


Riding a boat along the Chateau de Tennessus’ Moat


One of the main reason’s people don’t go on vacation is because it is a lot of work to plan something somewhere that you have never been and don’t know anything about.

Maybe you do some research on the country online, maybe you watch a movie and want to travel to Italy (Under the Tuscan Sun made me want to move to Italy so bad!!!).

Whatever your motive is, you can travel anywhere you want and at a good price if you put some work into it. If you don’t want to bother yourself if trivial things and prefer to spend your time doing something else, then you may hire people (myself included) to plan and book everything for you to match your taste and personal preference.


Riding Jetskis in the little French Mediterranean island of Corsica in the Summer of 2016


So this is the thought process that goes into planning my trips around the world:

  1. Where to go – It may sound simple enough but how many years have you missed out on traveling because you couldn’t decide on a specific place to visit
  2. When to go – What is the best time of the year for that place? When is high/low season? When are your vacations scheduled?
  3. Who’s going? – Are you going alone or do you already know whom you would like to go with? This is a tough one, cause it’s so hard to organize an event with someone else imagine a whole trip!? And traveling solo is so intimidating, even at this time and age. They say you never truly know someone until you’ve traveled with them, and this is because a lot of issues and unforeseen obstacles come at you and put stress into something that is supposed to be joyful. So make sure you know or at least trust the person you’re traveling with if it’s just going to be two. Groups of three or more are sometimes less stressful because you share the problems and it is easier to find a solution when everyone contributes. And if you ever get mad at someone, you have someone else to talk to about it and help mediate the situation.
  4. Research – This is when all those travel books come in handy. Do your research on each city and country to answer some important questions: is it safe? Electrical devices compatible? Wifi or cell phone data? What is the best neighborhood to stay on? What’re the best means of transportation? It all depends on your priorities and budget. Be sure to keep your traveling partner on the loop and ask for their opinion.
  5. Plan for jetlag – If you’re crossing many time zones then you should plan to take one rest day for jetlag or to adjust for the cultural shock. Jet lag is worse traveling from west to east. Don’t sleep or nap until bedtime. If you can, give yourself one rest day every 6 days. Your body needs it. Even in intense fitness boot camps, they do this.
  6. Make an Itinerary & Budget – Make an ideal itinerary of all the things you’d like to do day by day. You don’t necessarily have to follow it by the letter, but it’s good to have different options once you’re there. Create a budget alongside the itinerary to get a view of your costs. Remember to add your suitcase items and any post-vacation items like souvenirs and photo-albums.
  7. Plan for your return – What are you going to do with you babies (yes, I mean pets), your plants, your place, your job? Try to leave nothing pending and to have a plan B or person back home that can take care of stuff in case anything goes wrong and you’re out of contact.
  8. Book and stay updated – Book that amazing hotel you saw, and if you think you’re getting a good flight deal, get it! Prices tend to go up quick, though you can set up price alerts and check probabilities on certain flight fare engines, and find when in the month is the cheapest at that time. When booking a hotel be sure to get free cancellation. This gives you the advantage if you find a cheaper hotel later.
  9. Research some more – After a certain amount of time you think you’re already set with all your travel planning! This is when it gets good. Go and search for videos, best restaurants, amazing stores, festivals, events and anything you don’t want to miss while there.
  10. Pack-up & Go! – Just pack up and go! What more do you need? Pack for the weather and activities you’ll be doing. Send to yourself or upload into a cloud a copy of your passport and credit card in case your stuff gets lost or stolen.


Do you have any other good tips for planning a trip? Feel free to comment them below!



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