What is Patreon and how can you help?


What is Patreon?


Patreon is a way you can help me keep creating art, photos, and videos for you!


It allows me to reward those that want to support me and be part of my journey and invest in Curls Around the World.


Being a b/vlogger isn’t as easy as it looks. There is a lot of work happening behind the scenes and we stay up until late at night editing, writing, marketing, send emails and trying to make this into a proper business.


This is where Patreon comes in to help us be able to spend more time creating the content you love to see and of as high quality as possible.


Every little bit helps to edit photos, researching locations, write guides for you, film a video teaching you about photography, create a fitness ebook and more.


Think of it as being part of my club. People that support me through Patreon are patrons, and they get rewards and special treatment such as being able to vote for my next location or vlog topic.

Santorini last summer.. want to join me this summer?


There are various rewards for different groups, for example for as low as $1 a month you can get a patron-only perspective on my work.


  • Get my private ‘MEMBERS -ONLY’ Snapchat where I post ‘Behind-the-scenes’ of my daily life & photo shoots
  • Patron-only polls so you can vote for new videos, outfits, trip locations and more!
  • Receive exclusive tips, tricks and hints about photography, fitness and traveling
  • High-quality wallpaper every month for your desktop and phone


While for $250 or more a month you can get an invitation to exclusive events and places with me plus other cool stuff.


But to make it even more interesting than just donating, I’m giving away a free trip to one lucky winner if we reach our goal!


To check out more about my private life, you can pledge as much as you’d like and gain an entry to win my Patreon-only Epic Trips Lottery where one dollar is one entry to my next trip. One lucky winner may win an all expense paid trip with me on this trip if we reach our goal.


Visit https://www.patreon.com/yessika for more information.


Thank you for being here!

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