Inspired by the peculiar Club Silencio in his film Mulholland Drive, David Lynch created an exciting space for artists in Paris with plenty of exhibitions and premiers going on all year round.


There is no sign at the door, but you know you’ve arrived when you see the ropes and bouncer. Typically you need a membership card to enjoy the creative events but after midnight, if you look the part and the doorman is in a good mood then you might be able to enter.


Since I’ve spent New Year’s Eve in Paris for a couple of years now watching the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triumph fireworks (though nothing compares with the fireworks display they throw off the Eiffel Tower on July 14th anyways), then I decided to get tickets for this place since it was one of those places in my ‘Must Visit’ list.




As soon as you enter and go down the large dark stairway you encounter plenty of artwork.


Then the glowing commences.


Everything is gold. Everything is glowing. The walls are wooden blocks painted in gold and everything else is black. The layout is like a cross or a Tetris game; you get lost walking through the different rooms encountering lounges, bars, a dance floor, a stage, and even a movie theater along the way.



Movie theater



Open bar until midnight, they had oysters, and charcuterie ‘à volonté’. In the cinema, they had a slideshow of old photos and amazing sofas to recharge or crash. As for drinks, no menus of course, so you tell the bartender what you like or have him create something based on your taste palette like I did for 18 Euros.


It was ok. The taste was complex yet there was no garnish.



For this NYE party they had a cabaret from 8pm – 10pm, I arrived at about 10pm and there were plenty of artists coming up on stage, and about 15mns before midnight the resident artists came on stage to do some improv.


There was no countdown for me, I knew it was midnight when the music started, confetti started flying and two ladies came out to dance on stage.




I’ve been wanting to vlog for about a year now so this year I’ve taken the plunge and actually am doing it.

Here is my first video to start the New Year off right!

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