During the beginning of the year, we started seeing Laboratoires FILORGA’s advertisements popping up all over pharmacies all over Paris so I decided to give these new products a try and ordered a kit containing a Skin Absolute Day Cream, a Hand Absolute lotion and Eyes Absolute cream to test out!

_D006386.jpgThe packaging of the Skin Absolute Day Cream is divine! A large, heavy glass container with a white plastic top with the logo engraved in and closes really tight, but sometimes I think how much money went into this packaging and wonder if this is where most of my money went.

The texture is amazing, a rich fluffy mousse that coats your skin and feels as if you’re adding a silky protective layer to your skin. The problem is with the fragrance; it smells too much like the chemicals in a bleaching cream!

But after using it for a week, my skin has definitely felt softer, much more even and if I had any fine lines or imperfections they have diminished. Not much is done for redness and pimples so this is a product for those that have to worry more about the texture of the skin and that may want to brighten it up a bit.

Eyes Absolute eye cream is nice but isn’t absorbed well by the skin or maybe I put on too much because I can find some residue on the creases of my eyelids and in between my eyelashes, and seeing as the cream is white, this is a bit of a problem.

_D006383The Hand Absolute is easily absorbed, has a velvety texture, nice fragrance and this sample size is small enough to keep in your purse or desk and put on whenever you need a touch of luxury.


MSRP: 119,00€
SUGGESTED FOR: 35+ who want brighter more even skin



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