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Moving to Paris can be very overwhelming, luckily, I’ve done a couple of times so the last time I did it I decided to write this detailed post on all the essentials you will need to hit the ground running and get the best deals with electricity, cable, and more.

Since moving involves many aspects, I’m turning this into a series so stay tuned for other posts regarding apartment hunting, visa statuses, and other important information. In this post, we’ll cover the part about:




This is one of the most asked questions when someone moves into Paris: what is the best/cheapest Internet provider?

There are various comparator sites that take the guesswork out for you which really helps because they detail out the features and prices of most companies around.

From my experience:

  • Orange provides great service but it comes at a price
  • Numericable (now SFR) is pretty good service at a great price
  • STAY AWAY FROM RED! It is one of the cheapest but with these things you get what you pay for! I had to wait almost a year for them to refund me 600 Euros they owed me! They don’t have a customer service number you can call if you’re having any problems and neither do other budget companies like Free and Sosh so beware.
  • I ended up going with Bouygues for my TV/Internet and home phone (which I never use) and La Poste for cellphone coverage because it had the best deal at the time (100Gb for 15 Euros and unlimited calls and text).
  • I had Free as they had a special offer of .99 per month for 6 months! After that time was up I switched to La Poste, which is the actual post office! Go figure!
  • NOTE: These .99 cent deals are common from low budget companies and normally happen before big sales like before Summer or Winter start so keep an eye out!

To get cashback on most of these companies and many others like, La Fouchette, and various online stores I suggest you subscribe to one of France’s largest cashback sites: Poulpeo!




Gotta love the free market! You can choose from a wide variety of electricity companies. The most common are EDF & Engie.

I went with a renewable energy option called Mint Energie.

Here are some comparison sites for electricity:

As for your water company, you have to ask your landlord what they used to have and what they suggest.


GymbishFinding the perfect sport for you is a hard task as there are so many options! If you already practiced any sports before moving here or if you ever wanted to take up something new up like archery, then this is the right place.


I prefer to go to the gym and take up group classes while I’m there. But I’ve always wanted to take some tennis courses or Krav Maga so I’m going to try something new this year.

Classes will most possibly be in French so to find a place find the translation to it and type that into Google.

Facebook also has a good network of people that share the same passion, so do some research there as well.

A complete post on the different gym clubs around Paris is coming up soon so stay tuned but the most popular are: (In order of least expensive to most expensive)

  • Neoness
  • Healthcity
  • Dynamo
  • CMG

You can also try Gymlib and test different gyms out, try some nice challenges and exciting trainings. Use my referral code ubd2b565 and get 5€ credit! You can even get cashback with Poulpeo in the process!

You can read more details about other clubs on this nicely detailed post from the Culture Trip.



You’ll have three to four typical ‘go-to’ places you’ll be using while living in Paris.

  1. Your nearest ‘epicerie’
  2. Your nearest marche
  3. Your nearest supermarche
  4. Your largest supermarche

The epicerie is probably on your street or on your nearest avenue. Run by an immigrant, it is open almost 24/7 and sells everything 3x times their normal price.

The city does market days where they take a nearby square and promote local businesses. They are fun, sometimes things are cheaper, sometimes they’re more expensive. In larger markets, you can find artisan works and things other than food.

Your nearest supermarche is where you’ll be doing the majority of your groceries. It’s cheap, it has many options and you can get it pretty close to home. Franprix, Monoprix, etc.

Your largest supermarche is a little further but they have everything you could ever need. If there is something you can’t find in a smaller supermarket you’ll definitely find it here.

Carrefour Auteuil is my favorite because is it the largest supermarket I’ve seen inside the Paris center and it is at a reasonable price.



There are thousands of boulangeries that offer Parisians their favorite croissants, baguettes and discover new desserts. This is one of the best parts of moving to Paris!

The best way people find their favorite neighborhood Boulanger is to walk around and discover the neighborhood! Check Google Maps to see if there are any with high reviews even if they’re a little farther away.


If you want to keep score of the boulangeries you can make a Note on your smartphone and compare the price, taste, and texture of each (or just one) of these items:


Boulangerie #1

2 Rue Something

Mon-Sat 6h-18h


Baguette: .90€ – not too dry

Croissant: .90€ – Too flaky

Macaroon 1.50€- too dry

Opera 4€- delicious

Sandwich 5€ – didn’t try

Boulangerie #2

2 Rue Something

Mon-Sat 6h-18h









Hope this post was useful to you! Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions about moving to Paris that you would like answered or if you have any other tips and tricks for others that are moving in!


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