One of my favorite things about Xmas and the ‘soldes’ (sales) is that I can find discovery kits about new brands I’d like to try without actually committing to buying the whole thing. I bought these and after having used them for a couple of months, I’m now ready to give my review.

And since I almost never finish a whole full-size product unless I absolutely love it, then these mini sample sizes are one of my favorite things in the world. They’re also perfect for traveling!

_D006469So I went online to explore some new natural face creams and found this Korean brand called Herborist, which I really love!

The kit includes a black charcoal T’ai Chi mask, which is followed by an extremely moisturizing white T’ai Chi mask, a silky face lotion, and a cooling eye gel.

The Black T’ai Chi Mask feels great and is so satisfying to apply; after a couple of minutes of application, you can feel it working tightening up as it dries. It says to leave on for 5 – 10 minutes but I normally leave on for about 15 – 25 minutes as wear it while working so I don’t want to interrupt my workflow. Where I have pimples and blackheads it turns a different color and once washed off I could easily wipe and clean off whatever was clogging up my pores.

_D006682.jpgThen comes the White T’ai Chi Mask that feels a bit dry when applying but a couple of minutes later you will start to feel the hydration. When you wash it off you can feel the intense, maybe even oily consistency but I really liked how rich it feels.

Afterward, you apply the eye gel and the face lotion. The face lotion isn’t as impressive as the masks but it has a light silky feel and the cooling eye gel refreshing but a bit drying sometimes.


Overall, I’m definitely going to buy the black and white T’ai Chi masks again when I run out, but I’m excited to try their other products.

MSRP: 29,90€
PRICE I PAID: 15,90€
SUGGESTED FOR: 20+ who want to eliminate impurities, smooth skin and deep moisturize



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