My Gear SS17 – What’s in my camera bag?




What’s inside my equipment bag in Spring/Summer 2017

Here is a list of the equipment I’m using to achieve my shots in the start of 2017. I have not always had these products and I’ve acquired the most part that’s used for filming (the mic and Canon P&S) just recently for better quality vlogging so you can also see all this on video on my new YouTube channel!


So since it’s Fashion week in Paris I’m sticking with some fashional terms like SSFW to describe how I pack my camera bags differently throughout the year.

So what makes a Spring/Summer bag different from a Fall/Winter bag? Well, some are obvious like warmers, gloves, and flip-flops, others a just needed depending on the type of shoot.


Spring/ Summer Fall/ Winter

Mini Mosquito spray

Raincoat & rainboots

Hand warmers




So this is my complete gear, excluding a few accessories that aren’t worth mentioning because I don’t use them anymore or ever…   I should sell them.  .    . ok soon to be put up for sale on my store so stay tuned!


  1. Nikon DSLR D750 & D7000 – As a photographer, I need high-quality cameras and these are amazing. My first DSRL was a D80 I got about 10 years ago and it still works fine.
  2. DJI Mavic Pro – This is my newest edition and MY FAVORITE BY FAR! It is simply amazing and the possibilities are endless with this.
  3. Lenses – 35mm f1.8, 70-120mm, I really need better lenses but these do just fine in the meantime. The 35mm is great for portraits and the zoom lens is good for outdoor portraits and zooming in far away objects, though because it is an FX lens on DX body then it is cropped to 50mm.
  4. Flashes – Speedlight SB300 & SB600 – I use these for some photography, depending on what I need
  5. Rode microphone – for my vlogs
  6. Sunpak Tripod – It’s a sturdy tripod, light enough to carry around yet tall enough for what I like it for. Detachable head is also neat.
  7. Reflector – Got one because it’s something every photographer must have in their camera bag but it’s so big to carry around that I never actually use it
  8. Canon G7X Powershot Mark II – My newest addition to the family. I’m a Nikon chick so I’m trained to choose Nikon over Canon, though I preferred Panasonic Lumix as a point & Shoot for years as it was the first waterproof cameras before these actions cameras like GoPro and cell phones became waterproof. The quality was great and video quality was lovely and crisp. So now came the time to buy a new point and shoot as my bright blue Lumix finally gave out after 7 years of hard falls, sandy beaches, and underwater adventures while scuba diving all around the world. Now I finally upgraded and after extensive research, I decided this was the ideal camera for me at this moment, plus it’s rated by so many as ‘the best camera’ at the time so might as well.
  9. GoPro Hero 4 & accessories – The arrival of GoPro wasn’t a big deal to me as I already used my Lumix as an action camera so I never actually need one. I just got one last year when my boyfriend gifted one to me for my birthday.
  10. Galaxy S7 Edge– I made the switch from iPhone to Galaxy a long time ago and I have never looked back! To this day I don’t have any cable charger problems, in fact, many other electronics use the same charging tip so it’s so practical. And I can use mine underwater, have a headphone jack and do the same things that the iPhone does and more.
  11. iMac – I got this last year and it’s the bets investment ever. Amazingly fast, bright screen, great sound, very nice for recording and video chatting and editing is a breeze. Storage is great too, though you all know these things are customizable. I’m talking from the perspective of a person that used to have juiced up PCs with two and three monitors. I do miss ‘em sometimes when I’m designing but I manage.
  12. Macbook Pro – My brother bought me this MacBook for Christmas a couple of years ago and I feel in love with Mac all over again.
  13. Hard Disk Drives – I stay safe with a WD portable flash drive that I take on the go and use Seagate hard disk drives for my backups.
  14. Adobe Creative Cloud – I mooch off my brother’s subscription for Adobe CC for my editing software, Photoshop to make you think I’m pretty and Premier Pro to make clips look breathtaking!


Shameless duckface selfie with the newborn



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