DJI Mavic Pro Review


The DJI Mavic Pro has been out for a while now but I’ve decided to do my own review on it since it’s my first drone and I’m looking at it from an amateur pilot’s point of view.

With more drones coming out at cheaper prices, it is now becoming somewhat necessary for a professional photographer to consider a drone if they want to capture other angles –and more clients.

DJI is known as being the top-seller for prosumers and they offer a wide variety of products for every type of customer, but I need something that was small enough for me to carry it around on all my trips without it being a hassle and powerful enough to produce high-quality images and video. So after much research, I opted for the Mavic Pro, and I’m not disappointed!

Even though I only have around 55 flights & about 9 hours’ total flight time I feel comfortable enough to give my two cents on it for those that are thinking about getting their own drones and want to know my experience on buying this one.

The island of Icacos, Puerto Rico



The beginning of the buying process was fairly easy as I bought it online through DJI’s official store, but Puerto Rico didn’t appear on the drop-down menu so I selected UM (United States Minor Islands).

They ship UPS or similar so it arrived in about a week, it came about 3 days later than the expected delivery date but it was because we kept missing the guy.



The product was very well packed and the package is beautiful and secure. I got the ‘Fly More Combo’ which included additional batteries and propellers and a carrying case.



For a beginner, never having touched a Mavic Pro or any quadcopter for that matter, it was fairly easy to use.

DJI offers comprehensive video tutorials which explain the manual for too lazy to read them, and I also found many other tutorials on YouTube which helped with the Flight Modes and setting up the preferences.

As for the actual flying, if you’ve played video games before and were any good then this shouldn’t be so hard. It has its own remote control which you plug into your cellphone to see what the drone is seeing and you control the aircraft with two joysticks and a lot of buttons. It takes some time to get to know the buttons and you can change them to whatever makes you feel more comfortable and what you need the most, like an auto-focus button for example.



The photo quality is better than I expected except when in low light, as you can see from the all the noise in the picture below.

Video quality is remarkable, but it could also be the simple fact that it is in the sky and has a great stabilizer. It records in 4k but I use it in 2k as to not take up much space as I don’t publish anything in 4k yet but it is good to have it for the future.

A sunset with views of the golf course of the Wyndham Rio Mar Resort in Puerto Rico


I had an accident the day after my birthday with it where there were strong winds and blew the drone to a large column at the El Conquistador Resort as I was flying it over the main pools and it feel it hit a column and fell into a fountain.

I retrieved it as quickly as I could, removed the battery and set everything out to dry. The next day I tried to see if it worked and it turned on but had suffered major damage to the sensors and outside of the aircraft and the system said the gimbal had overloaded so I had to send it into DJI.

I have the After Care which allows me two aircraft replacements for one year for a deductible of about $79 each time. But when you send it in they assess the damage and send you an invoice of the repairmen costs so you can choose if you want to have it repaired or switched out through the Care Refresh Program with a new or refurbished aircraft.

The process was relatively easy, you submit an online claim, they give you a case number and you send it off with the form. It took about 5 days for them to reach back to me and 3-5 days for them to assess the damage and offer me the options of either paying over $600 to repair the damage or have it replaced with the Care Refresh Program, leaving me only one more exchange for the year. I chose to have it replaced of course, and it took about 8 days for it to arrive afterward.

The aircraft they gave me back looks like new but I’m pretty sure it is refurbished as it doesn’t ‘feel’ perfect, but after all the updates and firmware it works perfectly.


All in all, I love my Mavic and as definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to take high-quality footage of something above the ground. It’s small enough to fit in my purse yet powerful enough to endure strong ocean winds coming in from the Atlantic.










If you’re interested in buying the Mavic Pro click here.


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Chillin’ in my pool playing with the drone. First time I tried shooting from the pool when the battery started to discharge it wanted to automatically land in the water and this unicorn came swooping in and saved the drowning!

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