This is a review of the Canon G7X PowerShot Mark II camera, so of course, all photos shown in this post were taken with it but edited on Adobe Lightroom.


I’m a Nikon girl so to buy a Canon felt a bit of a betrayal, but we all know that Nikon has to step up their game so when it was time to shop around for a high-quality camera to vlog with, after extensive hours of research, I had to go with popular opinion and get the Canon G7X and see what all the fuss is about.

And I was not disappointed!


Powerful, yet compact which is exactly what I was looking for videos and a beast in low light. I couldn’t be any more pleased with this baby.

It’s small enough to not attract so much attention and has a huge flip screen in which you can see yourself.

The quality is magnificent, crisp and sharp and has a nice bokeh as well, being that it has an f1.8 aperture.


Sounds quality is pretty good as well and it is made out of a sturdy metal material which feels a bit heavy but solid, even though the screen feels fragile, naturally.

After 3 months of using it almost every day, one of the screen’s screws came loose so I had to buy more and buy a tiny screwdriver, like those that are used for reading glasses. Also, it gets dirty easily which was not good since I’ve been using it at the beach and other outdoor situations. 6 months in I had to dismount part of it and actually drill a whole around the lens so I can clean some dirt and specks on the inside of the lens since it’s not a DSLR then I couldn’t find a place that would clean the inside of it.

IMG_0178For videos it does an amazing job and pretty good slow motion, but since I’m starting out in that department then I don’t mind it doesn’t do more than 50fps, but for my next camera, I would keep that in mind. It doesn’t have 4K or time-lapse, which I found odd since most smartphones do timelapse. IMG_6934-2.jpgIf you want to see some video footage you can go to my YouTube channel!




Overall I will give it a 8/10

Ideal for: Vlogging & traveling

Not suitable for: Rugged adventures, sandy, rainy or harsh weather


How about you? What’s your favorite camera these days? Comment below!



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