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There are never too many articles about nice beauty places in Paris, and now that I’m in front of a camera more than I am behind it with my vlogs, I wanted to have fuller lashes without the hassle and a semi-permanent way to do this is with the magic of eyelash extensions.


What are eyelash extensions?

For those who don’t know, eyelash extensions are done by gluing an artificial lash to your own natural lash, one by one.

I first tried this drug in Phuket, Thailand around NYE 2016 because I heard it was cheap and high-quality and I wanted to look good with minimal effort while traveling so it was perfect.

After much online research, I chose the place with the best reviews called Vayo and was not disappointed at all! Well, except for their paraffin wax pedicure which burned and left wax residues all over my feet. Though this was done by another technician, the eyelash girl was great! After two weeks they started falling off one by one and sometimes with my natural eyelash, leaving a bald spot. But it was still worth it, I just had to be more careful as I wasn’t giving them much maintenance. After four weeks I had just a couple sparsely strong long lashes, which either craved for a refill or needed to take them off.

The second time I got extensions was in Bangkok at the end of the trip, I wanted to refill them before coming back. I did the same type of research for this one and couldn’t find a reputable place that does eyelash extensions. I took a chance and did it inside a mall and was kinda taken aback by the results.


Who knew there were different types of lash extensions?

They had given me extra volume that looks amazing but a little too fake for my taste. The first time was in mink and the second in silk. They looked great and lasted about four and a half weeks more, but at the end, they didn’t look good because they were a lot longer and thicker than my natural lashes.

I got them once more to go to Puerto Rico and now that I’m planning to go to Puerto Rico for my birthday I just craved them and apparently it’s a must-do for female bloggers so I must have them!

To get nice lashes without extensions I need to curl them heavily and them apply two coats of waterproof mascara cause it rains often and I sweat like a pig, and at the end of the day I spend three minutes trying to take the mascara off gently but end up pulling off so many lashes and running the mascara in my under eyes making me wake up with dark circles under my eyes and having to scrub on my eyes harder.

So eyelash extensions actually help as I’m more careful with my eyes and wear less makeup! The volume they give is also more natural than mascara as there are no clumps, EVER! And they’re a lot longer than with just mascara, making my eyes look bigger, more awake and younger.


What do they feel like?


Depending on the type you get they feel heavier on the eyelid like mascara and fake eyelash do; with the volume russe 3d type it feels like you have large fake eyelashes on, and with the natural minimal kind it feels as if you’re wearing a couple of heavy coats of mascara. But you have to be a lot more delicate with them.


I swear they’re addictive so be careful!


Last year, I got some at Belles et Differentes near Saint Lazaire but they were more voluminous and a little less natural, yet still show-stopping.

I got mine today at La Maison du Cils in the 75017, near the Arc de Triumph. Very professional, she gave me exactly what I asked for, a natural effect. Depending on how long they last I’m coming back to her before leaving for Puerto Rico and recording it so you can see the process.


How often?

I try to get them once every four to six months to give my natural eyelashes time to breathe and I apply eyelash serums such as castor oil nightly to stimulate growth until my next eyelash session. But I then go back to pulling them out accidently with my eyelash curler and applying three coats of impossible-to-remove mascara.


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