A weekend at Santorini


View from the Caldera in Oia, Santorini

After our Mediterranean cruise, we spent a weekend at Santorini as I knew I couldn’t go back without having visited Santorini.

We got in late at night so I booked the cheapest room I could find since it was just to spend the night. We arrived at about 10pm to midnight and saw the long line of taxis waiting outside of the tiny airport and panicked a bit. I decided to have boyfrench get in line for the taxi whilst I compared the best rental cars and shuttles and found one for about 12 bucks per person! Ironically boyfrench told me that would be the best option for the shuttles because it had the longest line.



They dropped each passenger at their hotels and then the next day we took a bus towards our actual hotel, Blue Waves next to Kamari beach.

The room was huge as it was a family room so it had a sofa bed in the living room and a large bed in the bedroom than an amazing Jacuzzi in our balcony.

A private little pool right outside our bedroom


The nights were magical, the stars, the full moon shining, the relaxing, insanely large hot tub, and the wine they created themselves from a vineyard in Santorini… everything was beautiful that night! I swear I spent more time in that tub that I did in the room!

SantoriniCaldera1 2

The next day we went exploring and climbed up a mountain for like 45 minutes in sandals because when we left the room we were thinking of only visiting beaches. But once we went up the view was magnificent. (I seem to have misplaced those photos because I took the P&S smaller camera instead of the big one). 🙁  There was a small church up there, and two men maintaining it who seemed to be off-duty. It was beautiful and those of you who follow me on Instagram & Facebook saw it a couple of times on my stories that day because of how beautiful it was!

Then visited Black beach and red beach so quick I didn’t even take a photo then we went to watch the sunset at Santos Vineyard where I caught a wedding in action. Later we walked around the center of Fira where all the nightlife was. There were blocks and blocks of restaurants, shops, and bars open and filled with tourists and locals. We enjoyed some drinks there, ate delicious food and danced for like a minute but didn’t stay out late cause we were so tired. Ugh. The perks of getting old.

Oia, Santorini


I then had a fight with my boyfriend so it all went downhill from there. Still, I cherish the good times more than the bad times!

Still, I need to go back and finish what was a magical weekend!

So next Summer I’m going back to Greece!


Santorini moon.2

After I came back I’ve had a lot of people tell me they’re interested in going to Greece.

So I’ve decided to create a trip for anyone who wants to join me on a cruise on September 2018!


It’s all-inclusive (except for airfare) and we depart from the beautiful city of Venice before heading out to cruise the Greek islands and finish off in Montenegro.

For more information visit my travel site by clicking here.


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