With only a couple of days are left in 2017 I reflect on how I started last year, all the goals I had and how many actually I made into a reality.

There were so many things I thought I would have been doing by now, I realize time goes by so fast and I just love wasting it!

Every single day is a new gift, every single day in a new opportunity to do something you love, and I want to try this again and this time actually follow through on my promises.


Yessika in Puerto Rico

I have made a lovely plan for my goals and wishes for the next year and I’ve linked it at the bottom if you’d like to download it and try it for yourself for free!

My list ended up being about 70 things, and I managed to think of an action plan for most of them so hopefully next year I can manage to actually have my resolutions come to life!



  1. One Photo a day – I want to document more of my life, and I really wish I could vlog every day, and am going to try to but most realistically I’m going to at least post one new ‘good’ photograph a day. Every year I make this resolution, and every year I fail. Will 2018 be the year that I finally make it?
  2. Start vlogging – Like I mentioned above, I want to vlog every day but it is really difficult so I want to do at least three videos a week about my travels and lifestyle.
  3. Reach 20% body fat – I wish I could be somewhere about 15-18% but I’ll be happy with 20% as I’ll be healthy and look fit but with sexy curves. I currently am at 25%, last summer whilst I was in Puerto Rico I was at about 21% -so yea, I’ve put on some winter weight, unfortunately. But I know I can easily get back to it if I just cut out processed sugar from my diet, which is incredibly hard. It might help that I will be biking about 16kms to go to the gym when the weather and overall laziness allow.
  4. Write an ebook – I’ve always wanted to write a book but felt I haven’t had enough experience yet. Now that I’m approaching 30 then I feel like I’ve had enough experience to write a book. So I’m going to be writing one to three books or guides to sell online! One is a photography guide for social media, the other is a fitness guide and the third is a luxury on a budget travel guide. Three books in one year are ambitious dreams but I’ve been working on this for a long time and well, what’s stopping me?
  5. Create a course – Those books will be material for an online course I’m launching this year. So stay tuned for more! Let me know if there is something specific you’d like to learn.
  6. Share more – I need to spend some more time with the few friends I have, and I need to share more of my life with those friends and fam that are long-distance.
  7. Maintain a successful blog – This one is pretty hard to execute, as today there is so much competition in the blogosphere that you have to pump out at least 5 posts a week to be relevant. Hence why I haven’t ‘made it’ yet in that world. But this year, I’m dedicating myself to develop my blog and my brand so this means at least one post a day. This should be easy since I’ll be taking a photo a day then I can just blog about the shoot.
  8. Take up Jiujitsu or Krav Maga – I’ve always wanted to, I took a couple of intro classes here and there but never stuck to it so this year I’m going to register as it’s a great self-defense class as well as a new exercise for me.
  9. Visit more museums – With so many museums here in Paris it’s hard to decide which one to actually visit so sometimes you end up visiting none! So this year I’m going to try to visit one new museum a week! Probably Sundays as I can make it a group thing with someone else and on the first Sundays of the month most museums are free here in Paris!
  10. Become vegan – last night as I was hacking away at the chicken’s neck to cut it’s head off I realized how disgusting it is to eat an animal’s corpse. I’ve always known it’s the corpse but since we don’t see it’s head we don’t identify it as a previously living animal. And I know the law or survival and I do love the taste of meat, but I felt sick at that exact moment and have decided to finally do it.


There are a lot of other important resolutions, but those are the ones I would have the hardest time with so I wanted to put it out there so I can hold myself accountable next year!


Click here to download my free 2018 Resolutions Template for Excel.


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So what are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018?

Leave it in the comments below!


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